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The Specialist Advantage

INVESTING IS INCREASINGLY BECOMING A SPECIALIST GAME Over the course of our career, we have focused on identifying and investing in companies that benefit from an accelerating rate of change. Reflecting on our learnings over the years, we find that every generation has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Companies that seek success […]

4Q 2018 US Small Cap Bear Market Creates Opportunity

The Russell 2000 Index fell -27% in 4Q 2018 with more than 2 out of 3 stocks falling over 20%, in bear market territory.  This pullback resulted in the Russell 2000 Index dropping -11.1% for 2018, the fourth worst year since the inception of the Russell 2000 Index in 1979. Historically, strong performance for small […]

Where Are Most Exceptional Growers?

KEY TAKEAWAY: To potentially generate above-average returns, investors may need to look for “Top Growers,” which were concentrated in smaller-cap companies and in the most innovative sectors over the last three years. As a dynamic growth investor, we believe finding companies that can deliver and sustain earnings growth is a vital part of the investment […]