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The Specialist Advantage

INVESTING IS INCREASINGLY BECOMING A SPECIALIST GAME Over the course of our career, we have focused on identifying and investing in companies that benefit from an accelerating rate of change. Reflecting on our learnings over the years, we find that every generation has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Companies that seek success […]

NicPartners’ Holiday Elves Spring Into Action

With cheerful and generous hearts, NicPartners’ Holiday Elves rally around the Boys and Girls Club Adopt-A-Family program to provide gifts and grocery gift cards for several families in need. “No one person can do everything, but everyone can do something.” — Anonymous Happy holidays to you and yours!    

3Q:2019 Quarterly Update – A Challenging Mix of Uncertainty, Concerns, and Positives Suggests Caution Ahead

MARKETS Stocks were mixed as sentiment shifted. Investors weathered a challenging, uncertain environment during the quarter. The market’s attention focused on a softening global economy, US–China trade tensions, monetary policy, and the outlook for corporate earnings. The global growth outlook continued to deteriorate, as PMIs (purchasing manager indices) for most large economies continued to contract. […]

Capitalizing on Disruptive Technologies

(6:20) Monika Garg, Senior Research Analyst and Technology Specialist, highlights key disruptive technologies that are driving forces behind a fast-evolving global digital economy. Disruption is being felt across industries, changing how businesses and consumers interact, and increasing the breadth of investment opportunities. We believe the speed of change and large opportunity set provides fertile ground for […]

Creative Application of Technology Sparking Innovation and Disruption Across Small- and Mid-Cap Companies

(6:09) Catherine Nicholas, Managing Partner/CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager, discusses Nicholas Partners’ approach to investing in companies ignited by positive change, often sparked by innovation and disruption. In an environment of slowing global growth, we believe investors should seek out companies that can control their own destiny, to some extent. Our portfolios are dominated by […]

Innovations in Healthcare and Their Resulting Investment Opportunities

(4:16) Lisa Wheatley, Portfolio Manager/Senior Research Analyst, highlights some of the rapid innovations that we believe are accelerating the pace of medical breakthroughs, improving patient outcomes, and driving secular growth in many healthcare sub-sectors, e.g., more genetically targeted oncology, gene therapy to treat rare diseases, synthetic biology, and the cross-over of big-data harnessing techniques into […]

2Q:2019 Quarterly Update – Stocks Strong, But Slower Growth Ahead

MARKETS Stocks were strong in the second quarter. Investors pushed prices higher even as the economic environment became less encouraging. Two factors were primarily responsible for the bullish sentiment: The Federal Reserve raised the possibility that it might cut interest rates for the first time since December 2008. Anticipation rose that the US and China […]

1Q:2019 Quarterly Update – Investors Cheered as the Fed Turned Dovish

MARKETS Investors cheered as the Fed turned dovish. Stocks enjoyed a vigorous turnaround in the first quarter after enduring painful performance and sinking sentiment in last year’s fourth quarter. Fed chairman Jerome Powell pivoted from endorsing further interest-rate hikes in December to proclaiming “patience” in January as the Fed’s new guiding principle for monetary policy. […]